Student's Corner


For allround development of the trainees institute has formed different clubs based on the various knowledge and interest domains and these clubs organise activities according to their specilised area. All students can participate to nurture their skills along with academic development. Participation in club activities can enhance the learning of the trainees in different aspects of life which will help them in their professional and personal life span.

Redressal and Grievance Cell

Dr. Amita - (Chairperson, Mob.-8475002616)

Dr. Satish Chandra - (Member, Mob.- 6397424288)

Mr. Pankaj Yadav - (Member, Mob.-8077787255)

Mr. D.K. Sharma - (Member, Mob.-9412567197)

Mr. Afzal Qamar - (Member, Mob.- 9557758858)

Mr. Ravindra Kumar - (Member, Mob.- 9410405963)

Syllabus - B.Ed.

BEd Syllabus.pdf

Syllabus - M.Ed.

MEd Syllabus.pdf