Electronic content (e-content) is also known as digital content. It refers to the content or information delivered over network based electronic devices or that is made available using computer network such as internet. According to Oxford dictionary ‘e-content is the digital text and images designed to display on web pages. Well-developed e-content can be delivered many times to different learners. E-content can have different elements i.e., text, picture/video/animation, web links etc.

A four-quadrant approach can be used in e-content development. It includes four assets in content which are text, pictures/video/animation or simulations, web links and self-assessment. A text, pictures, audio and video records and animations are separate elements of e-learning content.

UGC asked to the higher education institutions to deliver 40% content in electronic form. So that students can avail the content according to their situations. Our faculty members are striving to provide the e-content for students through Blogs, Video & Audio Lectures on You Tube channel, PDF documents, Podcasts, Recorded Audio Lectures, Google Class and different useful web links.

E-content Links

Institute You Tube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUgo-Q3da-_Nj4Nj7xtupYw

Faculty Member’s: Blogs: asstprofpankaj.blogspot.com

Faculty Member's Podcasts: https://anchor.fm/dr-satish-chandra